The TYPALOC Project

TYPALOC - Normal and abnormal speech variations: TYPology, Adaptation, LOCalisation - A research project funded by the French national agency of research (ANR) - ANR-12-BSH2-0003.

Project summary

In order to have a clearer understanding of the range of speech variations in both healthy and disordered speech populations, and in different speech conditions, the objective of this project is three-fold. It aims to draw a typological inventory of normal and abnormal speech variations, to test the adaptability of healthy and pathological speakers to different performance conditions (controlled to less controlled situations), and to test the conditioning effect of various linguistic-communicative constraints on these variations across populations. In parallel, our project aims to improve automatic speech processing systems confronting them to non prototypical speech (spontaneous or disordered speech).

Project Partners

LPL : Laboratoire Parole et Langage (project leader)
LPP : Laboratoire de Phonétique et de Phonologie
LIA : Laboratoire Informatique d'Avignon